GraphQL Networking Using URLSession

As we were working on breaking down the user stories we had generated for our Eco-Soap Bank app into tasks, we came to a decision that needed to be made regarding the GraphQL networking: Should we use the popular Apollo framework to handle communication with our stakeholder’s GraphQL back end,... [Read More]

Expanding Collection View Cells

While building the app for Eco-Soap Bank, we received input from a third party on our app that led us to create expanding collection view cells to display payment information. After the other team members had constructed the cell and view controller, I stepped in to lend a hand with... [Read More]

Custom UIButton Highlighting

Recently while working on a project, I stumbled across something that at first glance seemed like it was super simple and would be as easy as setting a property or two. I decided that I wanted a button in my app to emulate the look of Apple’s buy and update... [Read More]

URLSession & Result

Recently, I was reading a Paul Hudson article on the Swift Result type, which was introduced in Swift 5.0. In this article, he mentioned that Apple hadn’t yet adopted Result into their own frameworks. This lead me to think, why not write an extension on URLSession to make a data... [Read More]