Hey, my name is Shawn Gee, and if you didn’t guess by the name of this site, I am currently studying to be an iOS developer and loving every minute of learning the Swift language. I built this site in order to share what I’m learning, both to help cement it in my brain, as well as hopefully help others learn a thing or two with Swift.

My history

My interest in programming started when I was a little kid and my uncle, who was in to technology, gave me a book about Java. I remember reading through it and though I had no idea how to set up an environment to actually build something with Java, I was simply fascinated by the concept of object-oriented programming that it described in the opening chapter. My young mind was always trying to invent, and this opened my eyes to a way to create things, give them properties, and allow them to perform functions in a virtual world!

It was a long time, however, before I actually got my first taste of programming. In 5th grade I learned HTML, though that wasn’t the same as the Java I had read about. Throughout middle and high school, I worked on websites, built and repaired computers, learned graphic design, motion graphics, video editing, and much more. But I still hadn’t learned to program.

After high school, I intended on going to college for graphic design, but ended up working with my parents business as a woodworker. I dabbled in coding a couple times, but never picked it up for very long. Sometimes I regret not sticking with it, but I’m old enough to know that sometimes things just workout the way they do for a reason.

Shawn and Genna

I found that reason three years ago when I met my lovely wife, Genna. I really couldn’t ask for a better, more supporting wife. Now that she has graduated with a degree in Respiratory Therapy, and is currently working on getting a job, we have decided that I will soon take a break from woodworking to pursue a career in iOS development. I am so excited at what the future holds for us, my career, and this website.