As part of our week long delve into Core Data at Lambda School, we practiced syncing APIs with Core Data by fetching the data from the server and using Codable to produce representations which we then used to either update or insert objects into Core Data. This technique works great,... [Read More]

Inline Autocomplete

This is a little project I worked on this weekend, trying to replicate the inline autocomplete that Safari on iOS features in it’s search bar. The end product I was aiming for (and finally achieved) looks like this: [Read More]

Table View Cell Communication Three Ways

So you have a custom table view cell with a control in it. For example, let’s say that your cell has a checkmark button. When the user interacts with this button, how do you let your view controller know? Let’s go over three different ways you could accomplish this task,... [Read More]

First Week of Lambda School

I have officially completed my first week with Lambda School, and at this point I am super excited for my career as an iOS developer. Being able to dedicate over 40 hours a week to learning, combined with the collaborative environment of Lambda will really accelerate my progress. I feel... [Read More]