Going Beyond the Tutorial

In the process of learning software development, it is likely that one of the ways you end up learning, if not the main way, will be from tutorials. Whether written, or video format, tutorials can be a great way to learn, but come with some downsides. It can be quite... [Read More]

Use SwiftUI Previews with any UIView!

This is a tip that I picked up watching some of Brian Voong’s excellent YouTube videos, so if you haven’t already, check out his site here! He has so much great free content as well as what appear to be very high quality paid tutorials. [Read More]

Optimizing Optional Unwrapping

While I picked up the concept of optionals in Swift fairly quickly, it took me a while to realize a few things about unwrapping them that made life a bit easier. I’m not going to go in to depth about what an optional is, or the different ways of unwrapping... [Read More]